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So you purchased a “New” used car? The salesman says, "It’s been detailed inside and out!” The scratches, scuffs, stains and spots visibly show the opposite.

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Were you disappointed at the dealership delivery of your used car? At your first washing of your “new” used car, were you shocked? Was my car thoroughly waxed and detailed at the dealership?


Congratulations! You saved money purchasing that pre-owned car. When you brought it home, you washed it and noticed numerous, exterior paint scratches. At delivery, those paint imperfections were not visible! Whether you bought your vehicle through a dealership or a private owner, the problem is yours. Bottom line, your angry because these flaws in the paint are an eyesore! The dealership did not disclose these paint blemishes, nor the guy on Craigslist, disclosed these exterior scratches at pickup. The sun appeared and your frustration became verbally known. Big money out of your pocket, with small effort in your vehicle's presentation, is pure disappointment. Then you think, can these paint problems be removed?

Pre-owned car mobile car detailing | Tampa, Florida | Resurrection Auto Detailing solves this problem.


At purchase, swirl marks on hood, scuffs on bumpers and scratches on trunks, are guaranteed on every pre-owned car's paint. We reduce and eliminate these exterior imperfections. We detail your pre-owned car using professional grade detergents, cleaners, compounds, waxes, sealants and polishes to reveal your car’s true shine. We execute pre-owned car detailing with near showroom results.

What our pre-owned car detail service reduces and removes

| Used car detailing | Tampa, Florida


  • Light/moderate scratches through the professional detailing techniques of wet sanding, compounding, waxing, sealing and glazing
  • Oxidation/fading that hides the vehicle's color and clarity
  • Paint imperfections hood swirls, bumpers / side mirror scuffs, unknown blemishes Resurrection Auto Detailing calls this paint resurrection. Simply put, paint correction turns old paint into new paint. Your pre-owned car becomes a "First-owned" car with our service!
What our used car detailing service adds | Mobile pre-owned car detailing | Tampa, Florida


  • Color depth
  • Surface smoothness
  • Surface protection-impervious to sun, salt, snow and rain


So when somebody says ,"Did you get a new car?, you can say, “Yes!", from the auto detailing professionals at Resurrection Auto Detailing!”

Used car Interior detailing | Tampa, Florida | Mobile pre-owned car detailing


Rented bowling shoes or a rented hotel room are both frequently used. What does your interior of your "new" used car resemble?


Rented bowling shoes


Who has worn these? It is a mystery. When you think about it, it is pretty disgusting! Like rented bowling shoes, the same thought applies to the interior of your recently purchased pre-owned car. Who has driven that car you just purchased? The former car owner, mechanics, salespeople and numerous other test driver's are the suspects. Deductively, these suspects have left their germs, viruses and bacteria in your car's interior. Door handles, steering wheel and instrumentation are covered with these illnesses. Our vehicle detailing service scrubs, disinfects and deodorizes these frequently touched surfaces. Resurrection Auto Detailing removes these infectious mysteries with our mobile interior, car detailing service. Moreover, do your kids keep getting sick? Your family’s minivan carries your kids and their friends. On all those interior surfaces, kids touch it, cough on it and sneeze on it and get sick repeatedly. Resurrection Mobile Car Detailing can break that cycle by removing these surface illnesses throughout your interior. Utilize our car detailing service for that second family car.

Many examples of why your pre-owned car you just purchased NEEDS our professional car detailing service ASAP!

Pre-owned interior vehicle detailing | Tampa, Florida


Hotel rooms


Who has slept in that bed? What is that stain? So ask yourself, what is that stain on the passenger's seat of your pre-owned car? Every pre-owned car has these stains and spots. Resurrection Detailing's Mobile Car Detailing service scrubs, disinfects, deodorizes and removes those unidentifiable stains. Your recently purchased, pre-owned car becomes "first owned" with our interior car detailing service. Hotel rooms are places you stay temporarily, but your car ownership is permanent. Reclaim your used car's interior from spilled coffee, lost French Fries and stubborn dog hair from past ownership. Renew your car's interior with our professional, interior car detailing service. Remember, our service comes to your home! Revive your car's interior with Resurrection Mobile Car Detailing.

What we remove from your car’s interior | Mobile car detailing Tampa, Florida


All traces of former ownership.

Stains, spots, mucous, bacteria, viruses and germs DESTROYED.

Sand, grit, smears, spills, odors and dog hair removed.


What we add to your car’s interior | mobile vehicle detailing | Tampa, Florida


Disinfected and deodorized.

Improved appearance and assured cleanliness.

True service.


True Professional Service


Resurrection Auto Detailing provides a comprehensive interior cleaning and detailing to every interior crevice, corner, cup holder and compartment. All these areas will be scrubbed, detailed, disinfected, deodorized and inspected. You will love the final results!

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