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Did the dealership wax my new car when I purchased it? Bluntly put, NO!

You purchased a new car. At first glance, the car's appearance gleams! Although, that shine is short lived. The dealership did not protect your new car’s paint.

Question: Did the car dealership wax my new car at purchase?


Answer: NO!


In my past experience, I was a car detail manager at a car dealership. New car deliveries did not permit waxing or detailing time. Many new car deliveries, sometimes 30 daily, would not allow a comprehensive waxing. The new car sales manager would request deliveries to be completed in 30 minutes or less. An exterior wash, interior vacuum, spotless windows and a tire shine is what a new car would receive. The new car delivery process is more concerned about the customer’s purchase “wait” time versus the protection of your new vehicle’s paint. Knowing this, exterior paint protection your new car is paramount. With three levels of paint protection available, call Resurrection Auto Detailing immediately for immediate paint protection. Within 24 hours of your vehicle’s purchase, we can be at your home professionally waxing and sealing your new car’s paint. Start your new car off right!

Resurrection Auto Detailing | New cars from dealership detailing service


Allow our professional car detailing service to “re-deliver” your new car. Remember, your new car has no exterior protection. There is no wax on your car! There is no first line of environmental defense. Bird droppings are primary examples of new car paint damage. Bird droppings can etch and burn into your new car’s paint. Our new car detailing service provides that first line of paint protection. If the dealership offers a never wax again product at your purchase, it does NOT genuinely perform. Too many unknown environmental elements fall on your auto’s paint. Nothing can exclusively guarantee no environmental damage from occurring to your car’s paint. Moreover, their paint sealant is just too expensive. In closing, big money paid with big guarantees equals big time anger!

Your new car detailing service includes the following:


  • Mobile service at your home
  • Complete professional exterior wash
  • Complete professional wheel wash/tire scrub
  • You choose - machine applied durable wax, machine applied Teflon sealant, machine applied Ceramic coating
  • Three choices for your budget…Three different levels of paint protection…Our auto detailing technician will answer your questions.
  • Streak free windows
  • Complete interior vacuum
  • Even tire shine
  • Complete dashboard cleaning / detail

Bottom line…Get professional protection applied to your new car’s paint, with Resurrection Auto Detailing. We provide what your dealership does not. We re-deliver your vehicle like it should. We are focused regarding the protection of your investment. And budget mindful.

New car dealership detailing service | The bad dealership delivery experience


On average, a person purchases a new car every 5 - 7 years. That new car delivery experience does not happen every day. First impressions and first appearances definitely do count. And your satisfaction is paramount with your new car delivery experience. If that experience was a bad experience, you will ensure that everybody at the dealership will hear you verbally or through the dealership’s satisfaction survey. Resurrection Auto Detailing wants to reverse that bad, “new car” delivery experience. Vivid color, smooth feel and durable protection awaits your new car’s paint.


Here is a short list of complaints frequently shared by people regarding their new car delivery:


  • The exterior paint was not smooth
  • There were hard water spots on the paint
  • The door sills, door jams and crevices were still dripping with water
  • The windows were streaky
  • The tire shine was uneven
  • The tire shine was over sprayed on the fenders
  • They did not vacuum the car entirely
  • The dashboard was dusty / had fingerprints


(Sarcastically)…What a great new car feeling!

So, if Resurrection Auto Detailing can re-deliver your new car,
call us!


Dealerships may sell the cars. Dealerships may fix the cars. Are they concerned about a properly detailed, new car delivery? Our service thinks not. Protect, preserve and be proactive, for your new car’s paint, with Resurrection Auto Detailing.

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