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Car Detailing Bulletin

Our Tampa, Florida climate provides our region with rainy Springs and scorching Summers. Moreover, your vehicle's paint becomes the victim to numerous paint imperfections from Love-bug staining, Ultra Violet sun faded paint and corrosive salt air damage. Our FIVE STAR car detailing service aggressively targets these paint scenarios with ECO-FRIENDLY chemicals. Additionally, we clean-up our work area, your driveway, better than we arrived!


Complete exterior car wash, dry and paint evaluation

Pro Mobile Car Wash Serving Tampa


Resurrection Auto Detailing provides more than your corner Tampa car wash. We provide a mobile car wash at your home or office for the ultimate in convenience. Our staff are true car detailing professionals with no hanging shirts, no hanging pants and most importantly, no hanging attitudes.


Our exterior car wash begins with a biodegradable, Eco-friendly soap and water mixture, that is applied with a soft chenille car wash mitt. The roof, hood, trunk, side body panels and bumpers are drenched with this soap application. All stubborn fall-out is quickly removed from your exterior paint's finish.


Our car wash process now extends to the door sills and door hinges. We degrease and detail these areas. All wheels and tires receive the same approach. Our service removes the baked-on brake dust and hidden grime. A thorough rinsing of all soaped areas completes the task.


The car wash is completed with a scratch-free, synthetic chamois, towel drying. Next up, the “machine” paint correction, scratch removal, buff and shine awakens the exterior finish.


After the drying, our service evaluates all paint scratches and surface imperfections. As they are noted by our team, we proceed to “tape-off” all soft trim pieces and body moldings. Doing this assures all body trim pieces are protected from the high-speed rotation of the dual-action machine buffer.

Tampa Mobile Car Detailing Service. We come to you.







After the drying, all paint scratches, paint scuffs and paint scarring on the exterior's appearance are noted. This evaluation continues by "taping off" all soft trim pieces and body moldings. We protect these trim pieces from damage during the buffing process.

Car Detailing Exterior Process


Once again, all completed at your home. The Cut or also known as Paint Correction


 "THE CUT" - the comprehensive car detailing rubout of exterior paint


• low speed machine buffing removing scratches, scuffs and scars from Love-bugs, kids bikes, branches and sun fading

• ”Paint Correction” is another term for this process


“THE SHINE” - total car detailing waxing, sealing or ceramic coating that applies the shine

• moderate to high speed machine buffing

•  durable wax, sealant or ceramic locking out the elements bombarding your paint

• brilliance, shine and protection RE-INTRODUCED to your weathered paint

• your paint becomes impervious to rain, sun fading, bird droppings, salt air and Love-bugs


"THE GLAZING" - increases your paint's color depth


•  low speed buffing applied

•  removes any paint imperfections from the final buffing

•  truly enhances paint vividness and smoothness

•  that "wet look" that spins heads!

• tires and wheels - scrubbed, detailed, shined and polished

• door entrances and door jambs - degreased, scrubbed, polished, dressed and detailed

•  all windows - streak free, smoke free, finger print free, "wet dog nose" free

The exterior car detailing outlined can take 2.5 - 5 hours all dependent on size and condition of vehicle.

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Interior Car Detailing


Our interior car detailing process is very meticulous. When we are done, your car's interior will be returned to its original luster. Our customer's reaction is usually a pause followed by a smile and one word - WOW!

 "The Vac" - High power, commercial vacuum


total high powered vacuuming - back to front, underneath seats, tailgate area & pet hair/pet dander removal

"The Shampoo" - Intense shampooing


penetrating headliner, seats, carpets, door panels & focused stain removal

"The Detail" - Complete surface cleaning


Instrumentation, steering wheel, vents - scrubbed, detailed and dressed


All windows - streak free, smoke free, finger print free, and "wet dog nose" free

Tampa's Mobile Car Detailing Expert RAD.






Specialized Car Detailing


Our specialized car detailing services focus on areas that only true car detailing professionals can offer and accomplish with great success.

"Wet Sanding" - Remove stubborn scratches to restore your paints glory.


Sometimes a standard car detail service leaves behind some unsightly scratches (in the Clear Coat layer) that need some extra care and technique to be removed.


The wet sanding stage of exterior car detailing removes scratches from your dog's claws, finger nail scratches, Love-bugs, bird droppings and bushes.

Finally, the polishing compound re-establishes the original color and smoothness "leveling" the paint. Again, no more scratch!


Do you have a bumper scuff from a pole or from another car? We remove that stubborn white or orange scuff from your bumper. The same process applies as described. No more scuff!


The ingredients and application


Water with 3k grit sandpaper..rub scratch..apply paint correction compound..machine buff at 1500 r.p.m. (NO MORE SCRATCH!). Scratches beyond the Clear Coat need a body shop.

Engine Degreasing


It's under the hood. Who sees it? Who cares?

So why clean your engine? Because it's filthy! And, a cleaner engine runs much cooler.


Spilled washer fluid, splattered motor oil and general road grime bakes into every crevice of your engine. These chemicals cause the engine to retain heat. In turn, your engine works harder to run more efficiently. Moreover, a freshly degreased engine adds continuity to a perfectly detailed interior and exterior of any vehicle.


Resurrection Detailing utilizes an Eco friendly chemical made from citrus orange peel. This orange chemical, mixed with water, is sprayed onto engine to emulsify grease, grime and filth.


A thorough rinsing with water, washes away the years of neglect, with no harm to electrical parts to the engine compartment area. No harm to your plants, shrubs and grass. Then, a vibrant shine is applied to the whole engine and its parts. All hoses and other components are left with a brilliant shine not seen in many years!


Underneath the hood itself receives the same treatment with a bonus! The painted area, on the reverse side of the hood, receives the same rubout, polish and buff as the exterior has received.


Our service does not forget the cowl area that surrounds the windshield wiper area. All leaves, twigs and debris are vacuumed and removed. The same detailing to your engine is also focused upon the cowl area. Once seen, our clients ask for this service year after year. Once detailed, you will never forget about your engine again!

Tires and Wheels


After every exterior buffing, shiny tires complete the look. Scuffs from curbs, dirt from baseball fields and mud from road construction are your daily driver scenarios. Resurrection Detailing utilizes an emulsifying soap. We scrub all tires removing the dirt and past tire shine products from the tires face. This scrubbing sets the stage for our water based tire dressing. Once sprayed, this will leave a shine that does not appear "caked-on" or "drippy" once the tire has dried.


The wheels are degreased, scrubbed, polished and detailed with the same effort. Black brake dust, over time, bakes into the alloy wheel discoloring the metal. We brighten this metal! Machine polishing ensures the brightness will remain and any future brake dust will wash off effortlessly, with a simple soap and water wash. The "feet" of your vehicle will look great with our tire and wheel expert service.

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