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Honda + Tier 10 Productions chose RAD to provide "On-Site" auto detailing service to support video shoot of nationwide Honda TV commercial "Honda Days".

RAD Exclusive Mobile Car Detailer for National TV Commercial.


When it comes to television commercials, Honda Motor Corporation heavily saturates the television airwaves. Honda chose Tier 10 Productions from Virginia to premier Honda's 2019 new car line-up. In turn, Tier 10 Productions chose Resurrection Auto Detailing to maintain the appearance of these Honda vehicles during the commercial filming. The Honda Civic, the Honda CRV, the Honda Passport and the Honda Pilot were the vehicles premiered in this "nationwide" commercial. Resurrection Auto Detailing became the "go to" professional, mobile auto detailing service for Tier 10's Production needs. What a once in a lifetime opportunity to perform for Honda Motor Corporation and Tier 10 Productions!


Resurrection Auto Detailing Professional, Trusted + Dependable chosen by Tier 10 Productions + Honda.


It is a total team effort when filming a television commercial. Producer, director, grips and location director all work together while filming. The planning, the filming, the proper lighting

and the retakes are all impacted by time and money. Time to produce the commercial and the money to finance it was the goal. The Red's Cameras price exceeds $100,000 with a $30,000 camera equipment cost. At the highest resolution focus, this professional grade camera, can find the finest amount of dust on these Honda vehicles. Resurrection Auto Detailing was there to remove visual dust, pollen and any imperfections this Red Camera would find. Nobody wants to see a filthy car in a television commercial! So after every take, our mobile detailing service would painstakingly, professionally detail each car and S.U.V. After each vehicle was driven, smudges, streaks and pollen were removed with speed and accuracy from all vehicles. Then, the cameraman would focus the camera back onto the vehicle, to check our work. It was critical that the appearance of each vehicle was spotless during filming.

Since Resurrection Auto Detailing is mobile, Tier 10 Productions utilized our convenient and timely service. Our service traveled to the filming location. The commercial producer and director loved this mobile feature! The benefit was immediate on-location exterior car detailing of all the Honda's vehicles exterior paint and body trim. Many other auto detailing services in Tampa didn't provide this flexibility for the filming crew. Our service was "on-set" whenever the filming crew needed us anytime or anywhere. We possess this ability where other Tampa car detailers did not. After filming of every Honda S.U.V. during production, our service removed any exterior paint flaws on request. Resurrection Auto Detailing's intense eye for detail produced a relentless exterior shine for every Honda vehicle filmed.

Hire us, we will provide same level of professionalism to your car detailing project.


When the commercials were finished, they were titled "Honda Days". The commercials are seen when Honda is promoting a lease offer or an offer concerning a low interest rate if buying a Honda. Presently, these commercials are still being seen as the 2019 Honda models, are being liquidated to make room for the 2020 Honda models. How successful was this commercial shoot? These commercials are still being seen today. Continuous promotion still brings people into the Honda dealerships throughout Florida and the nation. When the commercial is seen, you'll see each car shine at every angle. As the camera pans across the hood, paint reflection is highlighted. The trees of the Tampa Metroparks (location shoot) are clearly seen across the Honda Civic's red hood. Resurrection Auto Detailing was so honored to be involved with Tier 10 Productions and Honda Motors of America on this project. Contact our mobile auto detailing service for your needs. We will bring the same shine and professionalism to your vehicle.

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